We supported the Maje Mole Dance Company, who trained Brazilian street kids,
many of whom forged a career on TV variety shows

When Maysoon Pachachi founded the Independent Film School in Baghdad,
IPAT contributed to the training of directors, cameramen and technicians and to screening their films in the UK

We provided basic sustenance to the Daimock Youth Dancers in Chechnya, who went on to tour internationally

IPAT was among those who established the Mostar Music Centre, bringing music therapy to those traumatised by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shortly after the disastrous floods in the Czech Republic, we provided for two dancers who lost their homes.

In Argentina, we supported the Casa del Teatro, a community home and performance space for retired performers

In Peru, we helped Ballet San Marcos continue their work with young people, some of whom who are now established in the Centro Cultural de San Marcos

The Freedom Theatre is a Palestinian community-based theatre and cultural centre located in the West Bank.
Our grants have helped support their theatre and education projects, thus enabling them to reach a wider audience

IPAT subsidised the Adugna Community Dance and Theatre Company train the street-kids of Addis Ababa.
In turn, this inspired two of their founding members to launch the Destino Dance Company.

We aided a Chilean actress when she needed funding for a critical operation.

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