Reasmey Angkor Troupe

An interview with friends of the Reasmey Angkor Troupe

What difference has the help of IPAT has made to the group,
family and friends, and the wider community?

The difference made to the life of the company by IPAT is immeasurable; it is the difference between existence and failure.
To the families the company supports and uses in all facets of the productions, it represents their livelihood and ability to develop their art;
to the wider community, it is the ability of over a thousand people a night being able to see the resurrected drama of Bassac.
It is at the heart of their ancient culture and was almost annihilated by the Khmer Rouge.

What would have happened if they had not had IPAT’s support?

The funding, of course, has been life-saving but, over and above that, it has given the company a stamp of approval,
it self esteem and the status of being considered a viable entity in the life of the country.
It has drawn attention from other performing sites in South East Asia.

All this has culminated in providing a definite financial boost to the economy of North West Cambodia,
an area largely forgotten by the central government.

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