Reasmey Angkor Troupe

An interview with friends of the Reasmey Angkor Troupe

Who has been helped by IPAT’s support and how?

The prime beneficiaries of IPAT’s generosity are the members of the company itself.
At the last count, this constituted some 89 members, actors, dancers, musicians, costume and scenery people,
and their families who cook, hunt for food and take care of the children.
Young people are being trained in the ancient art of Bassac.

What changes do they hope to see in their community and in their lives?

The prime change is that now they have commenced building a permanent residence and theatre.

This will house the company during the monsoon months enabling them to stay together and not be at the mercy of the elements.

They will be able to continue rehearsing and preparing their productions.
Situated as it is off the main arterial road from Thailand, it will aid with tourism as well as being a showplace for the national culture.
The company is always touring, weather permitting, and will continue to do so, but now that there is an effort
to clear the land mines covering the north of the country and life seems to be more stable,
more and more people are viewing Cambodia is an enticing vacation place,
the company will be part of that experience.

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