Reasmey Angkor Troupe

An interview with friends of the Reasmey Angkor troupe.

How can art/drama/music/dance be used to help support education,
health and social well-being in their community?

Education and information are vital to the continuance of the Bassac tradition and training starts young.
Not only does the language of the opera have to be learned, but it is not all in a colloquial idiom.
The language is classical and not used today. Also, the physical work has to be acquired when the actors are still young and supple.
But there is another element of need here. Cambodia is the centre of slave trafficking, especially with children.
There is an enormous orphaned population of young people caused by the land mines and the devastation of AIDS.
As much as they can, the actors have been absorbing some of this population and training them in this art.
They are fed, given somewhere to sleep and educated. With expertise, some are then able to join the company.

How long do they expect to need IPAT’s help?

This is the hardest question to answer. IPAT’s help has been so vital.
Although independence is being worked towards, the environment and the economic difficulties of survival
make this difficult to even hazard a guess. Help will be needed for some time to come.

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