Reasmey Angkor Troupe

An interview with friends of the Reasmey Angkor troupe.

What is the role of drama/music/dance in their community?

The role of the art of Bassac, the uniquely indigenous form
of Cambodian opera, means everything to the Cambodians.
When the Khmer Rouge instituted its form of agrarian Communism and closed, not only the frontiers,
but the cities of Cambodia these dramas were banned. It was automatic death to indicate any knowledge of them.
To be able to see them now, performed in their original form, means not only that the horrors of the Killing Fields are over,
but that Cambodia is again the home of the oldest theatrical traditions in the world.

If they could change anything in their lives right now, with or without IPAT’s help, what would that be?

The greatest change that could happen in the lives of the company is to complete the building of the theatre.
With or without IPAT’s help they will struggle to achieve this. It is their prime goal, and will alter everything for them:
Their status as well as the quality of their work.

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