Reasmey Angkor Troupe

An interview with friends of the Reasmey Angkor troupe.

What are they doing themselves to create income
and keep the group together and working?

The company charges for admission (25 cents for adults, all children free), seeks special commissions for performances
such as festivals and private celebrations, expands the touring circuits where navigating landmines is viable, involves schools
and educational locations, and looks for work in the paddy fields during the monsoon season.

If they could speak directly to the people who have donated money to support their project, what would they say?

The funding has taken a group of artists from the brink of starvation to a seriously viewed acting company.
The gratitude is part of the daily life of these people and is referred to often.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you” is how conversations begin when we talk and communicate with IPAT.

If donors should ever consider visiting the fascinating country of Cambodia they would be greeted with an emotional welcome.

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