Daimohk Dance Group

The children of Daimohk and the inspiring adults working with them
form a unique cultural project, which since 1999 has inspired audiences in Chechnya,
all over Russia and in twelve European countries with their
excellent displays of traditional Chechen culture.
They regularly take part in Russian dance and cultural competitions and in the last year have travelled to Sochi,
Moscow and Rostov-on-Don to participate in such events. In Sochi they won first prize.
Their participation in such well publicized events plays an important role in the vital reconciliation process between Chechens and Russians,
whose relations have been severely damaged following 13 years of warfare and conflict.
The children of Daimohk show a very human face of the Chechens.
This helps to deconstruct the stereotype of fighters or bandits that remains in the minds of many Russians.
Similarly, the friendship between Chechen and Russian children and accompanying adults at such events
helps to bring out the humanity and warmth on both sides.
It is vital for everyone in Russia that such reconciliation occurs if the country is to overcome
the hatred and fear that remains following the Chechen wars.

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