Open Space Theatre

An interview with Francisco Morales,

Director of Open Space Theatre.

“Chile is amongst the 10 most unequal countries of the world in the distribution of wealth
and that disparity is reflected in education and the arts".

Chilean Universities are the most expensive in the world. The market regulates access to education which not only reflects the social inequality but founds it.

State support for education and arts languishes.

There is no doubt that poor people have little or no access to the arts. Therefore we decided to direct our action to children living in poor areas,
devising plays of a high technical standard to tackle concepts which though vital to live are not included in the formal school curricula
— or are even politically displaced in Chilean life.

One of these concepts is participation. We put this idea in action stimulating children to take part in the stories we put on,
before, during and after the show, being active participants opposed to passive spectators.
The concept is later developed by teachers in the class room encouraging children to create fictional stories,
progressing into the idea of creating stories about themselves, some 10, 15 or more years in the future.

This generates the thinking that they are responsible for creating their own individual and collective stories in
real life, mastering their destiny and not just leaving people in power to dictate them what to think or do.
The project’s called ‘Once upon a time…children and their gift to create stories’.

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