Theatre For Everybody

Working with the London-based AZ Theatre, in 2015,
IPAT helped a theatre group based in Gaza to put on a production of Tolstoy’s War & Peace.
The production, a video of which was shown to supporters in the UK, highlighted
the struggles and plights of those stuck within a conflict situation
– over which they have no control.

Theatre for Everybody’s director Hossam Madhoun told IPAT what the performance
and the live link up with supporters in London meant to the group.

The value of performing the workshop version again.

The resonance of the presentation of War and Peace that took place on May 9th was very positive and appreciated by many people,
around 130 people watched the presentation, since then we received many demands from many people who
could not attend the presentation to do it again.

We believe, art is made in order to share it with people, so decided to present it again;
people interaction with the play, the debate happened after the show.

It was a kind of a surprise for the people in Gaza that someone is presenting
Tolstoy (War and Peace) especially after the war of 2014.
Someone said, “we are fed-up of wars and you said that in our name”

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