Jos Repertory Theatre

The Jos Repertory Theatre was founded in 1997
in the ancient tin mining city of Jos, Plateau State in North Central Nigeria.

It began by taking drama to schools in and around the city, but in 2000, the group’s work was
extended to include the creation of theatre-for-development sketches to communities in Jos and neighbouring states.

Their sketches have included life-enhancing sketches on HIV and Aids related issues, health, agriculture, water and sanitation
and civic education sketches ranging from good governance and accountability to election best practices.

The sketches for communities have provided information, education and entertainment and have existed side by side with
formal theatre work of scripted plays from the Nigerian theatre repertory and the best plays from around the world.

The group’s relationship with IPAT dates back a few years when it was faced with
the lack of financial support of troupe members who were HIV positive.
The dilemma was two fold – how to cater for them so they could continue on their drugs regimen
and be able to feed well and adequately to withstand the rigours of the drugs.

IPAT assisted by providing a grant to the four actors so that every month they would have access to funds
to enable them to feed properly and still be able to take their drugs while being able to continue to work.

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