Jos Repertory Theatre

An interview with the Jos Repertory Theatre

What is the role of drama/music/dance in your community?

Presently in Jos, the role of the theatre is tremendous.
We are going through very challenging times and the theatre has tried to play a stabilising factor
through creating situations that will encourage dialogue through the use of drama.
We are presently in rehearsals for a 32 episode radio drama, which will start airing in October
as well as preparations for the next Jos festival with the theme: The Theatre as a communal meeting point.

If you could change anything in your lives right now, with or without IPAT’s help, what would that be?

The greatest change that could happen in the lives of the company is to complete the building of the theatre.
With or without IPAT’s help they will struggle to achieve this.
It is their prime goal, and will alter everything for them: Their status as well as the quality of their work.

How long do you expect to need IPAT’s help?

We, on our part, are trying to make the four actors be self-sustaining through engaging in other trades
outside of acting so that they can have access to other streams of income.

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