Jos Repertory Theatre

An interview with the Jos Repertory Theatre

What are you doing to create income and keep the group together and working?

We have gone in the area of individual fund-raising and earned income through ticket sales as
against seeking for the elusive foundation/corporate funding, which is most times never forthcoming.
Also, we have been involved in consultancy services for schools on the use of theatre/the arts to teach.
We have also tried our hands on consistent and regular season of plays to increase our earned income base as we also
found out that most of our patrons are more likely to support us if they find that our work is regular and consistent.

If you could speak directly to the people who have donated money to support their project, what would you say?

A simple thank you! We are eternally grateful. Your help has, simply put, been unquantifiable!

What changes do you hope to see in your community and in your own lives in the future?

Hopefully, the actors will continue to work and live healthy lives to the benefit of our communities and families.

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