Kalibán Usina Teatro

Since 2004, IPAT has been supporting the unique activities of
Kalibán Usina Teatro who work with teenagers and adults from across
the city of Montevideo to provide opportunities for training and for self-expression.

Kalibán Usina Teatro’s interdisciplinary approach – with workshops focussing on dance, music,
acrobatics as well as theatre – means it can reach out to a very wide range of young people and bring opportunity and pleasure.

The group brings together people from all areas of the Uruguayan capital to work together
on projects that help community integration, social and personal awareness.

Kalibán Usina Teatro Organiser, Diana Veneziano, said:
“The help of IPAT has been crucial in allowing us to bring our work to people across the city.
We thank all of those who make the continued funding of our work possible.
IPAT is vital, I urge you to support its work.”

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