Grassroots Theatre Company

The program enabled the adults of the villages to work with the children and
listen to their needs through song, poetry, dance and storytelling.
In 2007, Sanganisai Children’s Festival brought 3000 people together
through workshops and performances.

Poverty is our worst enemy and children are usually the most vulnerable and on the receiving end of it all.
Sanganisai aimed to bring communities together, promote sharing and building common values to ensure a healthier society.

Over the past years, Grassroots has engaged different communities across Zimbabwe articulating pertinent issues such as gender and development,
domestic violence, environment, health and safety, child rights in addition to the HIV/AIDS that we continue to do.

Our international tour of the UK enables us to mobilise resources to sustain our work in Zimbabwe given the dwindling NGO and donor support.
Most development organisations have scaled down their operations while others have completely stopped their work.
Grassroots has not been spared by this negative wave of oppression and destruction.
This scenario shows why the support that we had from IPAT was critical and kept us on the move.

“We are grateful to IPAT’s trustees and supporters.”

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