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About IPAT

Community concert marking the 21st anniversary of Archbishop Romero's assassination. Ciudad Romero. Group: 'Tlaloc' based in the community of Nueva Esperanza. Part of the 'Music for Hope' project, Nueva Esperanza, Bajo Lempa, El Salvador © Kevin Hayes Tel: Mob: +44 (0)7960 872 408

Music for Hope, El Salvador

While the public’s image of performing artists is dominated by highly-paid rock stars and celebrity Hollywood actors, the truth is that all around the world there are artists who struggle to make a living – even to survive – while preserving their local cultures and bringing joy to others.

These performers are active in their communities. They seek to educate, reinforce a sense of belonging and inform on issues that directly impact or disadvantage them and their neighbours.

They strip performance back to its very ethos and use it to communicate.

These performers are just like you.

They want a better life for their families. They want stronger communities. They want their voices heard and a say in their own futures.

They are using their talents to make it happen and the International Performers’ Aid Trust helps them to achieve it.

We provide support for performers around the world, by defending their rights and combatting poverty.

Mission statement

The International Performers’ Aid Trust is a charity created for the relief of poverty amongst people involved in the performing arts in distress in all parts of the world. Our decisions are made on professional and humanitarian principles, without political bias.

Jos Repertory Theatre, June 2015

Jos Repertory Theatre, June 2015

The trust will endeavour to supply such aid and encouragement as is appropriate, for the preservation of the life and health of those working in the performing arts suffering from poverty and distress to enable them to continue to develop and nurture the imaginative faculty which is the heart of drama, music and artistic performance. IPAT will support performing artists in need, including those who teach through the performance arts.

If you think you are eligible for an IPAT grant, please read our criteria.