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Projects in South America

Open Space Theatre – Chile

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Chile is amongst the 10 most unequal countries of the world in the distribution of wealth and that disparity is reflected in education and the arts. Therefore we decided to direct our action to children living in poor areas, devising plays of a high technical standard.

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Kalibán Usina Teatro – Uruguay

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Since 2004, IPAT has been supporting the unique activities of Kalibán Usina Teatro who work with teenagers and adults from across the city of Montevideo to provide opportunities for training and for self-expression.

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Music for Hope – El Salvador

Community concert marking the 21st anniversary of Archbishop Romero's assassination.
Ciudad Romero.

Group: 'Tlaloc' based in the community of Nueva Esperanza.

Part of the 'Music for Hope' project,
Nueva Esperanza, Bajo Lempa,
El Salvador

© Kevin Hayes
Tel: Mob: +44 (0)7960 872 408

Music for Hope is a dynamic, community music project for young people from the Bajo Lempa of El Salvador. Inspired by the political and cultural heritage of the region, Music for Hope uses participatory music.

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