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Anno’s Africa ballet school – Kenya

IMG_0056Under the tin roofs of community buildings in the Kibera and Mathare slums of Nairobi, Mike Wamaya teaches groups of girls and boys that life can be a little less tough, even just for a little while–and gives them hope of a better future.

An interview with Mike Wamaya

Anno’s Africa offers an alternative arts education to orphans and vulnerable children in some of Africa’s most desperately deprived city slums. Most of the children we work with go through a lot of challenges on their social lives, however when dancing they develop hope for a better life in the future.

Since the set up of Anno’s Africa in Kenya seven years ago, we have experienced significant results. The children now find school fun and by this their levels of concentration while studying have gone up. The program explores their individual human potential and creativity in a much broader sense; who they are, what they think and believe, what they want for their futures. This has brought a lot of confidence and self-esteem in them.

At the dance school we are changing the community perception of looking at arts as something not just done for fun but as a career. Some of the needy children within our program have gotten scholarships and this will enable them to finish their studies. The program has created a platform where children engage in creative activities as they develop their artistic careers.

I hope IPAT will continue supporting me in working with these children, since with my basic needs in place I get to spend most of my time finding ways to improve and help these children build their future lives.

Thank you.