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IPAT in Europe


"Daimohk" is a Chechen troupe of young dancers and musicians from Grozny who keep alive traditional forms of music and acrobatic dance. Despite the regions ongoing difficulties, "Daimohk" are building a new dance hall where they will be able to rehearse and perform. They were invited to perform at the the Eisteddfod in Llangollen in July 2009.

Past projects

IPAT in South America

South America

IPAT supports projects across South America that reach out and help many in extreme poverty. In Uruguay, we sponsor programmes for the teenagers and adults in drama, music and dance. In El Salvador, the "Music for Hope" programme allows young people in the Bajo Lempa region express their talents.

Current projects

IPAT in the Middle East

Middle East

The Freedom Theatre is a community-based theatre and cultural centre based in the Jenin Refugee Camp and in Jenin City in the West Bank. The Freedom Theatre is working to build the only professional venue for theatre and arts in the northern part of Occupied Palestine.

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Past projects

IPAT in Asia


Since the fall of the Khmer Rouge, performers have been able to reclaim their arts, for which they had been persecuted. IPAT is helping groups get back on their feet and perform centuries-old arts within their communities.

Current projects

IPAT in Africa


IPAT supports projects across Africa, from providing the very basics for life through the Grassroots Project in Zimbabwe to taking drama into schools in central Nigeria or backing the 5 Centuries women-led, human rights theatre in Kenya and keeping traditional music alive and thriving in Gambia.

Current projects

Past projects