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Since its inception in 1999,
the International Performers’ Aid Trust (IPAT)
has supported performers in need in over
twenty countries across five continents.

Creativity, humanity and community are the precepts that
inform our grant giving, and that bonds all artists worldwide.

Many of our beneficiaries live in countries that
are scarred by poverty and conflict.

These individuals actively seek to address issues that directly
impact on their day-to-day lives and reinforce a sense
of belonging through their creative practice,
be it dance, theatre, live performance or music.

They strip performance back to its very ethos and use it
to communicate. These performers are just like you.
They want a better life for their families.
A stronger, stabile community and a say in their futures.

They are using their talents to make their voices heard
and IPAT helps them achieve this, by providing
financial support on a non-partisan basis.