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The 5Cs Human Rights Theatre Company

Theatre offers the best opportunity of reaching marginalized social groups, including women, especially at the grassroots level.
Kenya lacks theatre houses in which this can take place.

The few theatre establishments that do exist are concentrated in the urban cities,
their repertoire is mainly elitist and their ticket prices are out of the reach of the ordinary Kenyan.

With the continued IPAT support, it is clear that there now exists a window of opportunity to further develop 5Cs theatre group.

This applies with particular force to participatory theatre, and theatre with a focus on women issues.

IPAT support has seen the group go along way in doing much more for the communities
and members loving to do what they do more.

It is therefore, important to note that the IPAT support is support that comes in handy,
and is always appreciated very much. It enables us to reach the unreachable through theatre.

The 5Cs is the voice of the voiceless with the power of enriching human spirit.