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Who we fund…

If you are thinking of applying to the International Performers’ Aid Trust, please read the following criteria to find out if you are eligible for a grant. Please also be aware that this list is not exhaustive and the trustees have full discretion over who is awarded funding.

We fund:

Living expenses/relief of poverty for:

  • Performing artists based outside the UK in communities experiencing challenging conditions.
  • Performing artists who are active in their community, through performance and educating and informing through performance.
  • Performing artists creating or rehearsing for performances.
  • Performing artists whose activity has been disrupted by or who have been displaced through war or natural disasters.

We do not fund:

  • Performing artists based or living in the UK.
  • Theatre construction/reconstruction.
  • Purchase of equipment needed for performing (e.g.lights, music, instruments, scripts, costumes).
  • Purchase of logistical equipment (e.g. tour bus, lap tops).
  • Anything related to political activism (e.g. campaigning for/against a certain party*).
Requests showing how an IPAT grant would be used to enable performers to take part in something that will help and strengthen their community by covering their living costs (and alleviate poverty—our key goal) are looked upon favourably.
*We are an apolitical organisation, but that does not mean we do not fight oppression or help others to do so. Supporting groups promoting human rights, equality and a fair deal for all communities is central to what we do.